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Parent Photography

We at Rocky Mountain School Portraits are committed to providing  top notch quality and customer service to parents.


Rocky Mountain School Portraits prides itself on providing a unique experience custom fit to each school.


Be Yourself! By creating a fun, relaxed environment we are able to capture your true colors and let them shine into your senior portraits.

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Rocky Mountain School Portraits is committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring your confidential information is protected. If you need to pre-pay for your child’s package or order additional prints, our online ordering is quick, user friendly, and secure!

About Us

Rocky Mountain School portraits was created by James Leveillee in Fort Collins, CO. He was inspired to increase image quality, value, and customer service after he received portraits of his own kids years ago.  He is a passion driven photographers who is committed to customer satisfaction and creating a low stress portrait day experience for everyone involved.

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We provide a 100% customer service guarantee! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or if we can help with anything at all.

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For further photography needs check out our sister company, JLV Photography.   They offer a wide array of photography services including newborn, wedding, special events, products and more.